Accident Investigation

A devastating loss presents complex issues that require immediate and effective handling. If such an event results in significant property damage, business loss, injuries, or fatalities, an immediate and thorough investigation can be critical to success in defense litigation. This is particularly true when rules regarding spoliation of evidence are constantly changing. Parties that were accustomed to receiving notice of claims months or years after the loss occurred are now being invited to examine the scene of the incident within hours or days. With such short notice, it is often problematic for clients to mount an investigation sufficient to protect their interests in future litigation.

Floyd | Pflueger’s accident response team provides crisis management and emergency response. Floyd | Pflueger attorneys immediately assemble a team of investigative experts who go on scene to preserve evidence, interview witnesses, document information from appropriate authorities, and coordinate the media response. Based on our early expert retention we have the ability if needed to protect the opinions of experts with attorney-client work product privilege. Our team will establish inspection protocols and evidence preservation. Finally, we prepare and represent witnesses in governmental interviews and investigations. Based on this early investigation, we fully and accurately analyze the potential liability and identify the persons or entities responsible for the incident and damage. Our clients find that conducting a thorough investigation as early as possible ultimately avoids most litigation and saves significant expenses in the long run.

Evidence bag in police scientific laboratory
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