Class Action

Our attorneys have experience in class action disputes involving everything from defective or recalled products to catastrophic mass torts. We most recently represented a national bottling company against claims of false and misleading beverage labeling, which is an emerging area of the plaintiffs’ class action bar that is prevalent in California and is now developing in Washington. We have represented global latex manufacturers in toxic tort actions before the United States Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation, defended a class action lawsuit alleging the transmission of food-borne pathogens, and restructured the Grant County Public Defenders’ Office in response to a class action lawsuit by the ACLU. We have also defended a class action lawsuit involving the violation of the Commercial Electronic Text Message (CETM) statute and the Consumer Protection Act (CPA); a school district in an action by the ACLU alleging discrimination based on race and sexual orientation; and prosecuting attorneys for claims of denial of civil rights based on their actions against individuals and protected groups.

Certified class action lawsuits require the resources of a large law firm, but the compassion and caring of a smaller boutique, especially when a lone defendant is set upon by a large community of claimants. At Floyd | Pflueger, we are well positioned to deliver on both accounts.

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