Intellectual Property

Intellectual property law requires a sophisticated understanding of technology, consumer perception, business interests, and rapidly-developing legal doctrines. Floyd | Pflueger’s attorneys possess this combination of knowledge, ability, and experience. Our firm has defended against a variety of claims under the Lanham Act for alleged trademark violations and false advertising, as well as against cyber-squatting and copyright infringement claims.

Most recently, Floyd | Pflueger defended a prominent local software company against a Lanham Act false advertising lawsuit that concerned statements about how PC power-management software interacts with server-level operating systems. Because of the strong technology and computer science background of Floyd | Pflueger’s attorneys, our firm was able to immediately grasp the interplay of technical and legal issues and provide a robust defense. Additionally, we have achieved successful outcomes in intellectual property disputes for a number of clients, including an international plastics manufacturer, a leading consumer products company, a national real estate firm, and a prominent local car dealership. With its vast experience defending corporate clients, its high-level understanding of emerging and existing technologies, and its strong legal acumen, Floyd | Pflueger is equipped to a wide variety of intellectual property disputes.

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