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Businesses face liability exposure every day from a broad spectrum of acts or omissions that may occur in the normal course of business. Just about every case where a company is sued implicates an insurance policy. Failing to tender a claim within the policy period can result in the loss of thousands of dollars, or even worse, waiver of the insurance coverage. Floyd | Pflueger’s Insurance Defense attorneys litigate against claims arising from the operations and premises of an insured business. Our experienced attorneys immediately tender defense of the lawsuit on the company’s behalf to applicable insurers, and pursue any additional insured contractual indemnity obligations — all while defending the lawsuit and providing a strategic defense toward the successful resolution of the case.

Floyd | Pflueger’s defense team have defended all manner of personal injury liability claims for insurance providers, business owners and self-insured companies. Floyd | Pflueger attorneys represent national, regional and local retailers, drugstores, restaurants and supermarkets.

Floyd | Pflueger attorneys employ aggressive litigation tactics in the defense of insurance companies and their insureds, as well as self-insured businesses, against all types of personal injury claims.

In defending these claims, whether utilizing our accident investigation team or our trial team, our attorneys utilize their long-standing relationships with medical and technical experts to investigate the claim and develop defense strategies. Floyd | Pflueger is perfectly situated to resolve the dispute in a variety of forums, including arbitration, mediation and, most importantly, if necessary, trial.

Floyd | Pflueger attorneys are approved panel counsel for many top commercial and specialty lines insurers in the United States. Floyd | Pflueger’s attorneys provide cost-effective defense. We are responsive to the carriers’ need for budgeting, reporting, litigation management guidelines and online billing. We are currently billing our carriers through a number of different online platforms including: Advocator, Allegient, Collaborati, Corporation Service Company, Legal Exchange, Legal Precision, Legal Solutions, Litigation Advisor, ShareDoc, TyMetrix, and TyMetrix 360, along with a number of proprietary systems.

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